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How we’re already helping to improve water quality globally


Ekopak, Belgium

  • Ekopak uses the process automation offering from GF Piping Systems to outfit its containers sold as “water as a service” to provide sustainable water to customers. There is a high fluctuation of quality at the inlet of the system, meaning Ekopak needs to constantly monitor water quality at both the inlet and outlet of the system, as well as in between to regulate the process.
  • The Belgian company considers monitoring and process automation as the key to operating and delivering consistent quality to customers. GF Piping Systems solves the issues of Ekopak throughout their entire process, working closely with a sustainably minded company for a more sustainable future.

Pure Life Carbon, Canada

  • The innovative green agricultural tech company Pure Life Carbon is blazing new trails in the food production industry and needed a partner with reliable, sustainable solutions. The Canadian company provides a carbon negative alternative grow media to peat moss for growing crops and with GF Piping Systems found a process automation solution that ensures their production runs smoothly while staying low maintenance.
  • They use GF’s technology extensively in their treatment tanks, measuring flow, temperature, PH levels and pressure. Pure Life Carbon prefer to use GF components as their operating environment is primarily water with a proprietary chemistry added to it. The durability of the GF products and their sustainability and resistance to breakdown are key to longevity and the partnership.

Rochem, India

  • When delivering containerized water treatment solutions, Rochem Separation Systems has been relying on GF Piping Systems for over 20 years. The Indian navy is one of the primary end customers of the desalination, wastewater treatment and zero liquid discharge solution provider.
  • With systems that need to run a capacity between two and 200 tons per day, the company faces a variety of challenges. Rochem values in particular that GF Piping Systems has stood by their side and supported by providing solutions to all types of problems, be it with various types of instrumentation or engineering expertise to be a one-stop shop process automation systems provider.

Water Innovations, USA

  • As water grows more scarce, water quality gets increasingly loaded with dissolved solids over time – Water Innovations specializes in ion exchange and water recycling to produce deionized water. They allow customers such as printed circuit board manufacturers or aerospace engineering customers to closed-loop recycle their own water to meet their water quality requirements.
  • GF is a long-term, strategic partner of Water Innovations, supplying a wide variety of process automation products. Reliability, support and assistance from GF Piping Systems meant that Water Innovations resorted to using the whole family of products to help their customers recycle hundreds of millions of liters of water.


Sustainability at GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems is committed to enabling the safe and sustainable transport of water, gas and chemicals. Only by considering the needs of all key stakeholders can the company, the planet, and society at large thrive in the long term.

The first industrial butterfly valve with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

What is less impactful on the environment – metal or plastic? The leading flow solutions provider worldwide has commissioned a Life Cycle Assessment for the plastic Butterfly Valve 565 by an independent party. In addition, a comparative LCA study was conducted with a comparable metal valve. The result: The impact on climate change of the plastic valve is over 25 % lower than that of the metal valve.

More success stories

Water Treatment can be a very challenging market. Vulnerabilities can lay everywhere, and problems can occur without you even knowing them. Starting at the beginning of the planning phase, the selection of the single components, the installation, operation, and maintenance of the plant, GF Piping Systems has supported many projects to be successful.

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Learn about the latest developments in the water treatment industry, and get to know the latest innovations by GF Piping Systems. Watch the many panel sessions from GF and Industry heavy-hitters. It's time to flow to the future.

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