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Efficient cooling solutions

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How we’re already helping to improve energy efficiency globally

Zonzo Estate, Australia

  • Located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia, Zonzo Estate's wine label was born from a simple aspiration to bring friends the best drop possible. In late 2019, the business embarked on an ambitious project to convert an empty warehouse into its brand-new winery. The cooling circuit, custom-designed for the project, uses a mixture of glycol and water, circulating at a temperature of –5°C and 4 bar of pressure, and is supported by 200 kW of chiller capacity.
  • The glycol circuit is the main pipe run for the winery production for white and red wine. Thanks to the pre-insulated piping, it looks beautiful and has incredible energy efficiency, with minimal transfer and energy loss.

Baden Cloud, Germany

  • With digital consumer demand growing exponentially, GF Piping Systems provided the reliable and maintenance-free cooling system that the Baden Cloud data center requires to ensure its data stays safe. Data centers must be cooled for reliable operations, as servers, storage systems, and network components generate considerable heat.
  • COOL-FIT 4.0, the fully pre-insulated plastic piping system, is 50% faster to install, lightweight, and has zero corrosion. The Baden Cloud Operations Manager also chose COOL-FIT to positively affect the company's carbon footprint, with the system boasting 30% higher energy efficiency.

Porta Samedan Shopping Center, Switzerland

  • The Porta Samedan shopping center in the Swiss Alps was built with a focus on sustainability, which is why the country's largest retailer chose COOL-FIT for its air conditioning system. Built to cater to a bustling tourism destination, the center includes a variety of shops, including the Migros supermarket, which need to be cooled and heated to accommodate the growing number of visitors.
  • The pre-insulated piping system COOL-FIT also appealed to the installers, with quick implementation thanks to its light weight and easy to use electrofusion jointing technology, ensuring a fast and smooth construction period. With one third lower emissions caused by the maintenance-free COOL-FIT system, the retailer is sure to pursue a more sustainable future, while providing an uninterrupted offering to its visitors.

SENFA, France

  • The coronavirus brought with it an unforeseen need for face masks. The textile coating company SENFA in Sélestat, Alsace, France, was equipped with the optimal expertise to produce masks. In a very short time, the necessary machines for the production of the material for fabric masks were ordered.
  • However, as the production halls became too hot in summer with the many machines, the infrastructure had to be adapted. A new cooling center with ceiling fans, compatible with the COOL-FIT system from GF Piping Systems, was able to remedy the situation.


GF Piping Systems Data Center Portal

We have developed a specific Data Center Portal designed to help and guide our customers through the conversion process from metallic piping to a complete plastic engineered solution. As well as explaining the detailed applications in a Data Centers where GF pipes are applicable, the portal also provides valuable technical data to key engineering questions.

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Efficient cooling solutions

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Planning Fundamentals Industry

Our engineering manuals contain detailed information on materials, dimensioning, application techniques, approvals and standards and provide access to a storehouse of additional knowledge.


The COOLING calculation tool allows you to calculate all piping system parameters essential for cooling, such as pressure loss, heat loss, contraction, and temperature loss. 

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GF Piping Systems' diverse online tools facilitate configuration and calculation for almost all your applications. By entering material and product selection as well as design and dimensions, you can calculate the decisive factors for your application easily and quickly.